About Rory

Welcome! Let me introduce myself. I am Rory Hunter, mom/widow/educator/artist/cook/chauffeur (in no particular order). On the surface, my life may look picture perfect: house, job, dog and three beautiful children, but if you dig deeper you will hit the bedrock of reality.  The hard, gritty, dirty, brokenness that is life. Like many of you, I had a plan for my life: college, marriage, career and children. However, our best laid plans often go awry. It might be a loss of a job, death of a loved one, divorce, addiction, health issues, or any other change in future expectations that can set us in a tailspin and leave our lives broken. How we experience brokenness may not be the most important factor, because we will all fall at one point or another in our lifetime, but it is how we view our brokenness and how we emerge from the rubble that can either leave us crippled or make us stronger.  Finding the “Beauty in the Brokenness” is not an easy task sometimes.

I am currently surfacing from a decade of brokenness. A son, a father, and a husband all diagnosed with cancer. One emerging after many years of treatment with significant cognitive delays, another conquering his cancer in quiet determination, and the last succumbing to the disease’s death sentence. Becoming a widow at 41 and a single mother of three children, one with special needs, was not in my master plan. You are invited to journey with me through this blog as I write about my own life stories and seek to find light, strength, hope and “Beauty in the Brokenness“.

2 thoughts on “About Rory

  1. Rory, your writing is utterly, beautiful, powerful, and true. I’m glad you “found” my blog so I was able to find yours. I only know you in passing, but I know Dylan and Brooke always was one his classmates who stood by him. I feel like I know your kindness and grace through him. Looking forward to reading all your posts – along with the ones you have yet to write. Thanks for reading my story. As you said, we’re both writing about things we never thought would happe, but they have and writing (and reading others writing) is my solace.


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