The Weight of Air

I remember countless times in the car driving, when I would get this overwhelming pressure on my chest and all I could do was concentrate on one breath at a time. One breath at a time would hold off the suffocation. One breath at a time would allow me to take the next step. One breath at a time allowed me to survive the pain, panic and stress. Continue reading

Collateral Beauty

(Photo taken of St. Peter’s Cemetery in Salzburg, Austria) Collateral Damage = injury inflicted on something other than an intended target It is easy for us to wrap our minds around the concept that if something bad or tragic happens … Continue reading

Single Parenthood: The Balancing Act

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I recently visited the Huntington Library, a collection of estate buildings housing an extensive art collection and acres of beautifully maintained gardens, with my friend for a girls’ outing. ¬†We entered the park with our eager daughters taking in all … Continue reading

Best Laid Plans

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“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” ¬†¬†Proverbs 16:9 Have you ever concocted a plan so clever, so life changing and fool proof over a glass (or two) of wine with a friend or … Continue reading