A Prayer for this Sunday, September 11


Keep our minds and hearts open

To the pain, hurt and sadness of today

May we remember the lives lost and the lives forever changed


We pray for healing

For the families, our country and the world

Let time ease the wounds but may we never forget


We pray for our children

The generation that does not have a memory of today

Let the stories of courage, loss and love be shared

May they never have to see a day such as this


We pray for peace

Peace in our communities, country and around the world

Let us rise up and love our neighbor and our enemies

Seeing our differences as strength not division


We pray for guidance

In a world that is becoming more accessible

Give us wisdom to navigate foreign cultures, languages, religions

Without judgment, hate, and fear


We pray for your presence

In the darkest parts of our history and the bleakest arenas of destruction


You have shown up

In the protective embrace of a firefighter

In the warm welcome of a stranger

In the courage of a child

In our pain

In our anguish

In our hurt

In our sadness

In our brokenness

You have shown up


We need your light and love now Lord

Just as we did fifteen years ago

Help us heal from these wounds

Help us learn

Help us reach out to others in need

Just as others reached out to us


Help us remember



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