Beautifully Broken


She Falls

Scrapped up, bruised and bleeding

Tears just teetering on the edge of overflowing

Everyone gets hurt sometimes

I am fine she says

Brushing off the pain

Holding in the sobs

A Band-Aid

Is secured 

Covering the scrapped knee

Protecting the wounded elbow

Shielding the aching heart

She bounces back like nothing happened

Her past is forgotten

Memories held at bay by a thin strip of latex

Fears adhered securely underneath

Emotions locked away

Depending on that Band-Aid

To make it all better

A Band-Aid

Covers, protects and shields temporarily

It does not heal

It is not a cure

The wound scabs

The pain lies in wait

For the next jostle

The next mistake

The next stab

The next fall

The next memory triggered

Of the pain, hurt, anger, worry, fear, grief, frustration

Nothing is forgotten

The wound fails to be resolved

She Heals

Ripping off the Band-Aid

Embracing the past

Becoming aware of the wounds

Familiar with the heaviness of emotion

Conscious of the pain

Willing to admit defeat

Ready to be vulnerable

Volunteering her heart

Surrendering her soul

Mindful that these trials are

Shaping and strengthening 

Repairing and building

Until she emerges

Beautifully broken

Perfectly imperfect


5 thoughts on “Beautifully Broken

  1. Wow! You really bring it all into light and perspective for us who have not experienced the great loss of our special life partners. Tears… and hoping you can feel my hugs. xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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