Dear Mean Girl and Bully Boy,


Dear Mean Girl and Bully Boy,

I see you


Turning your back


Shutting out



Spouting Hatred


Breaking hearts

I know you

I could be you

You don’t change with age

It is always the same

A game of I can do better than

or I am better than

Protective armor in place

Walls built up to let only a few privileged in

A fortress, a castle, a prison

Don’t let your true self show

Don’t show weakness

Inclusion is weakness

Kindness is weakness

Hate is power

Separation and selectivity is power

There always has to be a winner

and a loser

I pray for you

Let go of your need to control

You are enough

Don’t let hatred and anger fester

They will continue to assault and tear you down

Secrets hide in the shadows

The darkness makes us weak

Nothing sustainable can grow out of darkness

Disoriented by the blindness

You have lost you way

Bring light to your path

A spark has been placed in your heart

It has always been there

Nothing can fully extinguish it 

Fear and fury do not ignite it

Hatred and violence do not thrive on it

Love, acceptance, peace and grace

Live in the light

Feed it

Watch it grow

Darkness defines the light

The light defines your soul

Let your light shine

Shine over hate and fear

Let darkness be a mere outline

Let love win


2 thoughts on “Dear Mean Girl and Bully Boy,

  1. As always beautifully written and thought provoking, Rory.
    I loved the mind over matter one too. Sounds a lot like Christian Science.
    You are making all of us stop and think and be better people. Thank you for your amazing words and know they are so appreciated. Know writing is helping you too.
    With much love and admiration. Karen


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